It's time for a film, but which one? There's so many choices! It's such a common situation to find yourself in, you want to watch a film but nothing seems to be quite right for you. You fancy a romantic comedy, but then you find yourself watching a documentary in the end. It's happened to all of us at some time or other. It's hard to decide what to watch if you're not just picking out from old favourites.

Well my recommendation for watching videos would be to check out the Essential Marketer Vimeo profile. While testimonial clips aren't your standard sort of film, I think you'll actually see there's something to enjoy in these videos. This isn't your standard Michael Bay explosion marathon, and it's not your Guillermo Del Toro horror onslaught. It's just people talking, and sometimes that's just what you need. Read more about essential marketer birmingham.

Other than this, I could always recommend that you watch one of my old favourites. How about one of the classic western epics? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, or Once Upon a Time in the West. Probably the two best western films of all time. If you prefer a slower paced, more brooding film these are definitely the way to go. Clint Eastwood in TGTBaTU, and Lee Van Cleef really compliment each other well, especially in the final 20 minutes of the film where the tension hits an absolute maximum. And then there's Once Upon a Time in the West, a story which always has you second and third and fourth guessing who the good guys really are, and a strong character background for The Man With the Harmonica shows some of the best characterisation from this era of film.

If you'd prefer something more modern I'd recommend a good thriller or crime film. Shutter Island is a recent favourite of mine, with a cerebral plot that makes you question the very reality of what is happening on-screen it really gets you thinking. Leonardi Dicaprio is a really fantastic actor too these days. Speaking of whom, Inception is another great film which initially seems simple and straightforward, but it ends up being that the more you think about it and look into the minute details, the more depth the film gains.